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Mikhail Klassen

Artificial Intelligence | Astrophysics | Aerospace


Paladin AI

Paladin AI is a venture-backed aerospace startup that creates intelligent software for pilot training. Our product uses artificial intelligence to learn about a pilot's competencies and create a targeted adaptive training program.

My Role: Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Klassen Argentina Wines

Klassen Argentina Wines is an exclusive small-scale winemaking project based in the remote Uco Valley of Argentina, a region increasingly recognized for the quality of its terroir and extraordinary wines. We produce less than 1000 bottles annually, focussing on super premium single-varietal and blended expressions of Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.

My Role: Co-Owner, Marketing Director, WSET Level 3 Certified Sommelier


Mining the Social Web, 3rd Edition
Co-authored the 3rd edition of the popular O'Reilly texbook on data mining.

I occasionally write on Medium. Topics cover artificial intelligence, startups, and personal development.

Academic Writing
See my Google Scholar profile for a list of my academic publications. Topics include the physics of star formation, protostellar evolution, radiation hydrodynamics, and plasma physics.

PhD Thesis: Simulating Radiative Feedback and the Formation of Massive Stars

MSc Thesis: Simulating Protostellar Evolution and Radiative Feedback in the Cluster Environment


I cofounded Paladin AI in 2013 to explore artificial intelligence applications. Our technology seeks to achieve immersive adaptive learning in data-rich environments. We targeted aviation training with the goal of making pilot training accessible, affordable, and efficient and ensuring a future of safe, global air travel.

I have a PhD in computational astrophysics from McMaster University, completed in 2016, and a BSc in applied physics & applied math from Columbia University, completed magna cum laude in 2009. I've worked on projects related to gravitational wave detection, nuclear fusion energy, and computational models of massive star formation.

I'm also a WSET Level 3 certified wine expert and a vineyard owner in the Uco Valley of Argentina. Our project, Klassen Argentina Wines, aims to make unique, super premium wines from our high-altitude vineyard.

My current interests are in artificial intelligence: reinforcement learning, cognition, general intelligence; climate change: renewal energy, energy storage, direct air capture; data science: visualization, feature engineering, neural networks. My volunteer interests are in international development: poverty alleviation, impact investing, climate resilience, global health.